Church Council (Sept 12, 2016)

The meeting was chaired by Steve Ferguson.

Action Items:

Each Church Council member will be assigned a group of 8-10 people to host this fall.  The one time sessions (perhaps at council members’ homes) will be for the purpose of building relationships, gleaning people’s ideas about the church, and encouraging people to support the congregation in all it’s ministries and work.

The Council called for a Day of Prayer on November 1, asking our Mattoon United Methodist family to pray for both our congregation and our community.

The Council adopted an organizational structure for 2017.  It will include the groups that are established in our Book of Discipline (trustees, finance, pastor parish relations, nominations and lay leadership, and church council,) committees to care for and continue beloved programs for our members (worship, education, hospitality, and Faith in Action) and two groups with the express purpose of developing innovative ways of reaching new people and revitalizing our members.  (Stewardship and Strategy.)  In the next few weeks, the Nominations Committee will work with the congregation to secure leadership for all these groups.

A booklet explaining all these groups will be published (hard copy and online) in the next few weeks.