Pastor’s Report (2016 Charge Conference)

Pastor’s Report:  J. Michael Smith, Mattoon First UMC, October 30, 2016 Charge Conference

My duties here began on July 1, 2016.  I set five goals:

  1. Establish relationships with the people of the congregation
  2. Get to know the town and region
  3. Sample everything the church programming here has to offer
  4. Establish a theological core for identifying our values, goals, and mission
  5. Conduct an administrative audit and recommend needed changes

The administrative audit has taken up most of my time in these initial months.  The leadership of the congregation indicated that “communication” was the number one problem they wanted me to address.  In addition, I also found wide-spread frustration among those handling finances and noted that the system itself is quite dysfunctional.

The administrative review has included the following areas:

  1. Records/Minutes/archives (reforms in process)
  2. Policies and Procedures (reforms in process)
  3. Staffing and Staff policies
  4. Building and Property Assessments
  5. Finances, including procedures and internal controls (completed)
  6. Communication (signage, newsletters, internal communication) (reforms in process)
  7. Membership audit (reforms in process)
  8. Meetings, including procedures for running effective meetings (completed)
  9. Structure of committees, boards, task forces, etc. (completed)
  10. Purchasing procedures
  11. Personnel, including whether the right people are in the right jobs (reforms in progress)
  12. Partnerships with other organizations in conference and community
  13. Chart of vendors, including agreements and contracts
  14. Substitutes, including lists of available substitutes and pay policies
  15. Sustainability audit, including building, staff, program, and apportionment costs
  16. Calendar, including procedures
  17. Website

I expect that the next year will also include work in the 5 major goals I have set for my first year here.

J. Michael Smith