Stewardship Minutes (8/29/16)

The stewardship committee met August 29, 2016 in the church conference room, Justin Florey chair.  Attending were Joyce Zachow, Emmaline Caldwell, Derek Eaton, Cheryl Armstrong, David Schilling, and Mike Smith.

The stewardship committee encourages people to devote their various resources to build the body of Christ so that we can do Christ’ work here and now.  Through gathering the resources people offer, we strengthen our faith, our fellowship, and our finances.

The committee endorsed the formation of a new younger adult class, focusing on people who have children ages 0-10.  There is currently no fellowship group in our church for people who match this demographic.  By strengthening faith and fellowship of people in this group, everyone will  benefit in many ways.  It is anticipated that the group will start the first of October (this year) and meet after the second worship service.  Pastor Mike will talk to the staff about ways they can support this new group (providing child care, making sure there is a meal over the noon hour for everyone.)  Tentative plans are for the group to meet at noon for lunch and 12:30 for conversation, finishing at 1:30.  Activities will be available for children while the adults are meeting.

The committee also decided to make request of the church council:  to divide the congregation into groups of 8 or so people and have individual members of the council host a single home gathering.  The purpose of these gatherings would be to deepen our fellowship, to learn more about the needs and passions people have regarding the church, to inspire people about the future of our church, and to encourage people to contribute their time, energy, and finances to the building up of our church.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40.