I am currently serving as the pastor of Geneseo Grace United Methodist Church, planning to retire (again) on July 1, 2022.  This is not a caretaker interim, but rather an intensive six months of working with the leaders and members to help the church change the trajectory of their story.  It is highly experimental, challenging assumptions and systems that make change so difficult for churches.  Geneseo Grace has both a leadership team and a membership particularly well suited for this adventure. The things we are learning are being incorporated into a board game I am developing (where you get to be a pastor of a church) and a book I am writing, on church strategy.  Click here to read my blueprint for this unique type of interim ministry.

The United Methodist Church has been talking about “a divorce” now for several years.  The catalyst is the debate over what Jesus would do about same sex marriage and non-heterosexual clergy.  Is our 54-year experiment in trying to be UNITED Methodists a failure?  click here to read the thoughts I prepared for my congregation in Geneseo.  

This website is the repository of both my work (papers, sermons, projects…) and personal archives (photos, recipes, etc.), a work in progress.

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This past fall I wrote four essays in memory of my father. Click here to read them.

The photos below are a sample from last summer’s 20 day road trip to the northwest (August 4-23, 2021.  

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Click Here to read my trip diary: The US Northwest, August 2021