Click Here to Listen to Christmas/Advent Music recorded by Jiafeng, Mindy, and myself

Welcome to my website.  It is the place where I store and share my writings and photos.  I had hoped to spend time updating this site when I retired, July 1, 2020.  But my retirement lasted only two weeks, until July 15, when I was asked to head to Salem, Illinois to serve as the lead pastor of Grace United Methodist Church until the end of 2020.  I look forward to getting back to compiling my works and writing new material in 2021.

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I am in the process of posting recent sermons online.  You can CLICK HERE to listen to the first seven sermons of my THROUGH THE BIBLE SERIES.

The video of my last sermon before retirement can be seen if you CLICK HERE.

This website is the repository for the writings and miscellanea I have gleaned or concocted in my pilgrimage through life and ministry.

Perhaps it will amuse, inspire, or inform you.  Feel free to glean from its offerings and enrich your own repertoire.  –JMS