Photos from this spring (Civil Rights trip, Holland tulip festival, Easter, family gatherings)

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Life is a pilgrimage; and along the way we are free to create and collect those notions and novelties that we fancy.

Click here for  AUDIO SERMONS (from 1st UMC Mattoon)

This website is the repository for the writings and miscellanea I have gleaned or concocted in my pilgrimage through life and ministry.

Perhaps it will amuse, inspire, or inform you.  Feel free to glean from its offerings and enrich your own repertoire.  –JMS

Key dates in my schedule for spring/summer 2017:

  • March 21-24:  Civil Rights Pilgrimage to Memphis and Little Rock (combination of Chinese scholars and folks from Mattoon First)
  • April 16:  Easter Day
  • April 26-June 13:  Jie in China
  • Tulip Festival:  Holland, Michigan, visit with parents and Mindy
  • Vacation (mostly at home, weekend visit to Madison, Wisconsin) May 23-31
  • Annual Conference:  June 8-10 in Peoria, IL
  • Teaching at License to Preach School:  July 9-20 (exact dates of my classes to be determined)  Springfield, IL

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